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DNA Testing- Lifecode Gx 

I am a qualified Lifecode Genetics Practitioner and like using DNA and Nutrigenomics testing as part of my nutrition packages. Having a DNA test is one of the best ways to find out exactly how your body responds to and metabolises certain nutrients. It will tell you if you’re predisposed to certain health conditions or food intolerances/allergies and will help identify your personal nutrient requirements.


We are all biochemically unique and your DNA never changes so you will only ever need one DNA test to get a lot of information for your life long health. After your test which doesn't involve needles (just a quick cheek swab), your results will be analysed, and during the consultation with me, we will discuss your DNA results and how we can support any SNP's with the right nutrition and lifestyle factors. We will also discuss any personalised food/supplement/lifestyle options based on your unique genetic profile.


If you wish to order Methylation, Nervous System, Detox, Thyroid, Metabolic, Hormones or Histamine DNA tests, please contact

✔️ DNA packages include test + consultation (personal recommendations on diet, lifestyle, supplements) 

✔️ No medications, HRT or supplements affect results 

✔️ Worldwide shipping

(Unfortunately we cannot ship to Spain, Canada and South America.)

We do not analyse other companies tests

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