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I use the most respected functional laboratories for testing in order to help my clients get to the root cause of their symptoms. Functional testing is a great tool to use alongside the nutrition or naturopathy consultation as it helps gather more evidence towards your health related symptoms that you are experiencing. The laboratories I use are based in the UK, Europe and USA, including, Invivo Diagnostics, The Doctors Laboratory, Genova Diagnostics, Regenerus Laboratories,

Precision Analytical and Lifecode Gx.

Areas that functional testing can be supportive are:

  • Digestive function

  • Methylation 

  • Nutritional and biochemical imbalances

  • Microbiome imbalances (Gut, Vaginal)

  • Candida albicans overgrowth (thrush)​

  • H. Pylori overgrowth

  • Hormone imbalances, e.g. thyroid, adrenals (cortisol, cortisone, adrenaline, noradrenaline), sex hormones (oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, DHT)

  • Neurotransmitter imbalances

  • Heavy metal excesses (mercury, arsenic, copper) due to environmental or occupational pollutants

  • DNA (Genetics) Lifecode Gx Genetics Testing 

  • Nutrigenomics 


Functional tests are not compulsory, however, with my knowledge and expertise I will suggest tests that I think may reveal supportive information about a clients health to then narrow down even further on the protocol to take.

These functional tests can only be ordered by a registered practitioner and are not available through the NHS as they provide a more in-depth report, which is not covered by NHS funding.

If you know which functional test you would like then please order under (book online) tab, where you will have the test sent to your home address and then an online interpretation booked in with myself.

If you would like more assistance with which test is right for your needs then book a nutrition or naturopathy consultation on the (book online) tab and then I can investigate your health concerns and suggest an appropriate test.

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