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A registered and insured Functional Nutritional Therapist, Naturopathic Practitioner, Life Code Genetics Practitioner and Phlebotomist. 


With science as the foundation to my practice trained to degree level with both a Naturopathy (DipCNM) and Nutrition (DipCNM) from London's leading school in Biomedicine, Nutrition and Naturopathy.  I am a member of, The Institute of Functional Medicine, a member of BANT, member of ANP and I am also certified in blood chemistry analysis with ANP.


​I have a great interest in gut health, skin health, weight management, methylation and the detoxification  pathways and decided to specialise and do extra research in these particular areas.


​I have experience working in one of London's leading biohacking Health clinics in Chelsea, where many VIP clients attended. I have also worked on numerous projects with leading luxury clinics around the world. Having this experience has enabled me to understand a great deal of what clients need and look for in health and I have now helped hundreds of clients reach their health goals.


​I have been accepted onto the General Naturopathic Council register- GNC,The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council- CHNC, the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners-ANP, and the British Association of Applied Nutrition- BANT.​All GNC, ANP and BANT practitioners have met the national occupational standards for the safe and regulated practice of nutritional therapy.

  • BANT, ANP, GNC and CNHC registered ✔

  • Trained to degree level in Nutritional Therapy (DipCNM) and Naturopathy (DipCNM) ✔

  • Insured with Balens Health Insurance ✔

  • Science based research and suggestions ✔

  • Certified in blood chemistry analysis with ANP ✔

  • Continuous training in specialist areas ✔

  • Life Code Gx Genetics Practitioner ✔

  • Phlebotomist 


                                                                       Services I Offer

  • One to One personalised Consultations Worldwide via zoom ✔

  • In Clinic personalised consultations (Central London) ✔

  • Functional Testing (Stool, Genetics, Blood, Hormones) 

  • Talks, workshops, webinars and presentations ✔

  • Workplace Wellness ✔

  • Articles for wellness (media)  ✔

  • Retreats ✔

  • Meal Plans ✔

  • Phlebotomy ✔

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